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What we packed for a staycation in the UK with our newborn baby

Woman and baby looking at view


We use the carry on MVST Trek suitcase which we are able to fit my clothes, my husbands clothes and baby's clothes in for one weekend. We are used to packing lightly and find it much easier to have everything in one place. We use packing cubes to divide our clothes up in the case.

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  • 2 outfits

  • 3 babygrows

  • 2 pairs of socks

  • 1 hat

  • 2 sleep sacks

  • 4 bibs

  • 4 muslins


  • Nappies

  • Baby wipes

  • Dummies and a dummy clip

  • Breastpump (if needed)

  • Bottles

  • Formula (if needed)

Toiletries and extras

  • Cotton buds

  • Milton tablets

  • Moses basket or cot sheet if using travel cot provided

  • Portable white noise machine

  • Sensory cards and toys to keep baby entertained

Useful and recommended products

The LeapFrog Wi-Fi Monitor is small and compact and easy to pack in your suitcase or overnight bag. It comes with a 5.5" 1080p Full HD screen so you can watch your babies every move. The picture is extremely clear meaning you don't have to guess from certain sounds if your baby is unhappy, you can see clearly if they need you. You can also connect the monitor to your smartphone or tablet via wi-fi using the LeapFrog Baby Care+ app which provides you with 'motion detected' notifications which is great to keep an eye on your little one when you are out and about, if you've managed to secure a baby sitter for the evening!

The monitor also has colour night vision technology, you can see your baby with vivid clarity even when lights are low or off in vibrant colour, not just black and white . Easily check-in with your baby at any time, night or day, without disrupting their sleep.a temperature and humidity sensor, a motorised pan function so you can move the camera to capture the perfect view of your baby and a number of other useful features that assist you in taking care of your child, providing an unparalleled experience of joy, security, and connection.

I always knew I wanted a changing baby backpack rather than a traditional pram bag so I could be handsfree. The Thule backpack has a number of different compartments including two for bottles and comes with a changing mat. There is also an extremely handy strap on the back of the backpack which you can slot over the top of a suitcase handle. This means the backpack can sit on top of the suitcase as you are wheeling it through the airport without having to carry it.

My favourite part is the backpack comes with a removable small pod bag which you can throw over the shoulder or use as a bum bag. This is what we use on a daily basis and can fit nappies, wipes, dummies, the changing mat and a change of clothes.

Our daughter absolutely loves looking around and being nosey and the Ergobaby bouncer gives her this opportunity and we use it multiple times a day. She plays in the bouncer, watches her favourite Youtube channel Hey Bear Baby Sensory and sits in the bouncer and watches us whilst we have dinner. We also take the bouncer on staycations with us so she can enjoy some upright time when we are away.

The bouncer comes in a range of colours and offers ergonomic support from newborn stage to infants. The bouncer has 3 different height positions depending on how your baby likes to lie and I would also recommend the toy bar which our daughter absolutely loves. You can also get a storage bag for the bouncer which will ensure it stays clean if you fold it down each day or if you are taking it on your staycation.

The benefits of a staycation are you aren't limited by a luggage allowance so overpack as much as you like! I hope you found this helpful and have an amazing time on your staycation


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