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Updated: May 23

The essentials of what you need for travelling with your baby, some top tips and learning from mistakes

Baby in vineyard

I travelled with my baby on her first holiday when she was 12 weeks old and although many said we were crazy, it was a successful trip overall. She managed to adapt to 3 different travel cots, hot weather and her first flight extremely well. Of course, there were some meltdowns and she was not sleeping through the night but given how much we crammed in, she got a gold star.

Here is what we packed for her for a weeks holiday in Italy in September:


We used a large suitcase which we were able to fit all of mine, my husband's and our babies clothes into. Having everything in one case made it significantly easier when making our way through the airport.

We used the MVST Select Trek Aluminium Suitcase in size large. The MVST Trek suitcase has a rubber seal with clasps for a zipplerless closure. You can set a passcode for entry to ensure your luggage is completely secure during travel. The suitcase wheels are extremely quiet and spin 360 degrees meaning a smooth journey through the airport and beyond. There are a number of dividers and pockets inside and the suitcase comes with a dust bag and a leather luggage tag.

Use this link and the promo code TAKEATRIPTRAVEL for 10% off.


  • 5 outfits

  • 5 babygrows to keep her covered when in the carrier

  • A swim/sun suit in case she was too hot in a babygrow in the carrier

  • 3 pairs of socks

  • 2 sun hats

  • 3 sleep sacks

  • 5 bibs

  • 6 muslins


  • 65 nappies

  • 1 pack of baby wipes

  • Dummies and a dummy clip

  • Breastpump (if needed)

  • Bottles

  • Formula (if needed)

Toiletries and extras

  • Baby moisturiser in plastic reusable tubs

  • Cotton buds

  • Milton tablets

  • Cot sheets

  • Portable white noise machine

  • Ear defenders with a headband (to avoid her soft spots) for the plane

  • Sensory cards and 1 toy to keep her entertained

  • Napisan and non-bio washing capsules

  • LeapFrog Baby monitor (we have model LF2936FHD)

Things we missed but you may find useful

  • Baby bath lotion (we didn't take this as she was so young but helpful to add to your list)

  • Swim nappies

  • Insect repellant/cream


As we enjoy walking and hiking we wanted an all-terrain pram which was also compact and this is quite difficult to find. Luckily Baby Jogger offer this exact combo with the City Sights pram. We have used this pram from birth as it comes with a carry cot with luxury padded-sides and a UV 50+ canopy to keep the sun away from our daughter.

We have used the pram in woodland, on gravel paths and up steep hills and have had no issues. The suspension means that it has always been a comfortable ride for our baby. The pram can also be folded and assembled using one hand which is great for days out on your own with baby.

  • Pram cover

  • Sun shade

The CoziGo is a pram and bassinet sleep cover which allowed us to survive an 11 hour flight with our 7 month old baby. The CoziGo is the only cover that is approved by British Airways. Usually the cabin crew do not allow covers on the bassinets as they need to make sure the baby is breathing if their parents fall asleep. CoziGo is approved and has a perfect peep hole for you or cabin crew to check on your baby. It also fits snug over the bassinet to create the perfect fit.

Our daughter slept for multiple hours in the bassinet with the CoziGo blocking out the lights in the cabin. She would have slept for the full flight if it wasn't for turbulence meaning we had to get her out of the bassinet when the fasten seat-belt sign came on.

CoziGo can also be used as a pram cover again to keep out light and distractions to ensure your little one sleeps and sticks to their routine whilst on the go. You can be reassured that they are safe under the UPF 50 sun shade and breathable fabric.

The CoziGo is absolute gift from heaven, especially for long-haul flights.

We use the above carrier in dark green. We started using the carrier when our daughter was a month old and find she has always loved the product as she can be close to us when out and about. She used to sleep the whole time she was in the carrier but now she is a little older has started looking around. The carrier has four carrying positions and can be used for newborns up to 3 years of age.

We use the carrier mostly for walks and hiking and anywhere we think will not be pram-friendly. The carrier is extremely comfortable to wear and easily adjustable to change the position between my husband and I. The newborn head support means that we can use the carrier handsfree and know our daughter is fully supported.

The carrier is extremely high quality and can be confident that it isn't harming our baby with the ergonomic design.

  • Car seat

The Nachfolger HyFive World inflatable car seat folds up small, weighing only 4.9kg meaning no more lugging a heavy car seat through the airport. The mobile pump uses a USB and attaches to the seat with ease meaning the seat can be inflated handsfree


You may be wondering whether an inflatable car seat is safe but the HyFive World has passed a number of tests showing the car seat is extremely stable. The seat acts as a protective airbag, providing perfect protection for your child. It is certified according to the UN ECE R44 / 04 standard and an aircraft certification


The car seat can be used in the rear facing position when the child is between 0 - 18kg from newborn to 5 years old. Having a portable car seat means you no longer have to worry about renting a car seat from a car rental company which could be damaged


This car seat is a game changer for families travelling with children and one you should consider purchasing as a long-term investment

If you are interested in purchasing this inflatable car seat, use this link to get 5% off

We found this car seat bag was a game changer for travelling. I have had multiple trips out where I have forgotten the pram wheels to attach the car seat too and had to have a friend help me carry an extremely heavy car seat to our chosen location. With this car seat bag having 360 degree spinner wheels, the weight of the car seat is no longer an issue.

The car seat bag is compatible with ALL brands of car seats and offers plenty of room inside the bag which you can use to pack other baby items (we used this for nappies and baby wipes). We checked the car seat bag in which was tagged and dropped off at over-sized luggage before we went through to departures but you can also check it at the gate.

A tip overall is don't panic! There are babies being well cared for all over the world so you will be able to buy what you need on your travels. However, if you prefer specific brands of certain products then make sure they are packed. You may struggle to buy swim nappies so a good tip is to pack them.


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