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3 essential items which we take on every trip with our baby

A one-hand assemble pram

We use the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 pram when travelling which you can assemble and disassemble with one hand. You always need another hand to be doing other things when you have kids so it is so handy to have a pram that only requires one hand.

The City Tour 2 is ultra lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver. It folds so flat that it saves lots of space in the boot of the car for road trips and comes with a handy travel bag which you can put it in to hand over at the gate before your flight.

The stroller only weighs 6.5kg, it has a UV 50+ canopy to protect your baby from the sun, it has multiple reclining positions to suit your baby for sitting up and looking around or lying down to sleep. This pram is also extremely comfortable which you do not always get with lightweight travel prams.

Man with baby in pram

CoziGo bassinet and pram cover

The CoziGo cover can be used to cover the bassinet on a aeroplane and it is the only cover which is approved by airlines such as British Airways (many aren't allowed as the air stewards need to be able to check on your baby if you go to sleep). CoziGo is approved as it has a perfect peep hole for you or cabin crew to check on your baby.

The cover fits snug over the bassinet to block out the bright lights of the aeroplane and allow your baby to sleep soundly, without distractions on the flight to your chosen destination.

CoziGo can also be used as a pram cover to keep out lights and dsitractions to ensure your little one sleeps and sticks to their routine on the go. It is also UV safe with breathable fabric.

Baby carrier

We use the Baby Bjorn Harmony Carrier and have used this since our daughter was 1 month old. You start by facing your baby towards you when they are small and there is a safe neck support to ensure their delicate muscles are protected. Babies can then face outwards and look around once they can hold their head up. The carrier can be used from newborn to 3 years of age.

We use the carrier mostly for walks and hikes but also anywhere that is not pram-friendly. We also often take it with us just in case when we have the pram as our daughter sometimes decides she hates her pram for the day!

The carrier can be adjusted for all body types to make it comfortable to wear for you and your baby. The carrier is extremely high quality and our daughter absolutely loves being able to look around and enjoy her surroundings.

Woman with baby in carrier


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