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Flying with a newborn can be stressful and something that many people dread but we are here to tell you about our positive experiences flying with our baby, airline baggage rules and tips to make travelling easier

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Booking flights with a newborn

Each airline have different rules when it comes to what you can and can't take for your baby as standard. Many will allow you to take two items without any additional charge for example a pram and car seat or a pram and a travel cot. It is important to check the specific airline requirements so you are not met with any surprise additional charges.

With a pram you can either check this in with your luggage or take it to the gate. We always take it to the gate so we can use the pram through the airport. Our pram gets tagged and then placed in the luggage hold. You can however now purchase prams that fold up small enough to fit in the overhead bins.

For a car seat this is the same as above, you can either check this in with your luggage or take it to the gate. We check this in before passing through security and drop it at the oversized luggage section. We use the JL Childress Spinner Wheelie Deluxe Car Seat Travel Bag which is amazing! The bag in on wheels for a start which is essential to avoid having to carry a heavy car seat through the airport along with your other luggage. The bag is also spacious enough that you can fit other baby items inside such as nappies and wipes. Remember though the airline may weigh your bag so don't pack too much in here and also you won't be insured for those additional items if the car seat bag goes missing.

Here's a list of some of the airline requirements for baby items on the plane:

  • EasyJet: two baby items for free including a travel cot, pushchair, car seat, collapsible or non-collapsible pram, booster seat and/or baby back carrier. Trunki case also accepted

  • Ryanair: two baby items for free. No cabin baggage allowance but baby bag up to 5kg allowed and Trunki case

  • British Airways: two baby items free of charge. One standard 23kg bag free of charge for infants under 2 years old (not if booked hand luggage only ticket)

  • Emirates: one item free of charge either collapsible stroller/pushchair or carrycot. Baggage allowance for all route except Americas and Africa one cabin bag up to 5kg and one checked in bag up to 10kg. For route to and from Americas and Africa one cabin bag up to 5kg

  • Etihad: one pushchair, carrycot or car seat for free. Checked baggage to/from USA and Canada: 23kg. Checked baggage to/from all other destinations: 10kg. Cabin baggage: One piece, 5kg

  • American Airlines: one stroller or car seat for free. You may check 1 bag for the infant at the same rate as the adult’s first checked bag. Only 1 carry-on diaper bag per child is allowed

  • Delta Airlines: no fee for travelling with stroller or car/booster seat. In addition to one bag carry-on allowance can also bring the following items onto the plane - booster seat or other infant seat or breast pump and cooler bag. If children are travelling for free (under 2 years old) no carry on baggage allowance.

What to take on the plane

As explained above you can take your pram onto the plane if it will fit in the overhead bins and some airlines will also allow you to take a car seat or booster seat free of charge. Other items to remember are:

  • Nappies

  • Wipes

  • Dummies (especially for take off and landing)

  • Bottles and formula (if using)

  • Breastpump (if breastfeeding)

  • Toys, books and entertainment

  • Snacks and puree pouches if started solids

  • Changes of clothes

  • Ear defenders for take off and landing (optional and we found it didn't make a difference to our 3 month old)

  • Muslins and bibs

  • Changing mat

  • Downloaded shows or Youtube videos (when the toys and books just aren't enough!)

  • Any medications/teething gels

  • A blanket (planes can get cold)

Worries to avoid

My baby will cry on the flight

The top worry and what we were most concerned about was what other people would think, say and do if our baby cried on a flight. We have all been there before, on a flight with a screaming baby, and you feel for the parents but at the same time really wish the baby would stop crying! So we were worried that we would get the funny looks, tuts and snide remarks if it was our baby who was crying and screaming during a flight.

We have took 4 flights with our baby in the first 6 months of her life and can honestly say we had a very positive experience. Particularly with other passengers who were nothing but kind, helpful and supportive towards our daughter. This includes a flight from Switzerland to the UK where our baby cried for the ENTIRE flight (we think her ears must have popped with the pressure :( ). It happens to us all and if it does, stop worrying about the other passengers and focus simply on you and your baby.

We haven't packed enough!

You have, trust us. You will overpack for sure thinking your little one will need 4 outfit changes a day but they won't. Of course, pack extra in case there is a poonami or another accident but you won't need as much as you think. The great thing about baby clothes is they are small so you can pack alot into small spaces. Remember also that in the vast majoirty of destinations you will be able to purchase anything you have forgotten.

The routine will go out of the window, is it worth it?

The easiest way to think of this is making plans when you are at home. Do you avoid or cancel plans because they may interfere with nap times? Hopefully not, you need a life too! So this is the same when travelling with an infant. Yes their routine might be shaken up but it won't be forever and if you avoid travelling because of this worry then you will restrict yourself and not be able to make forever memories with your family.

The overarching takeaway from this blog is "just go for it!" If you sit around worrying about the what ifs you will never travel with your baby and the longer you leave it the more those worries will spiral and become too overwhelming to overcome. Book that trip with your baby and we promise, the happy times and memories will make it all worthwhile.


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