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Learn from my mistakes and take these on board when planning your wedding

Wedding couple walking away

Everyone knows that weddings are extremely expensive and will most likely be the most expensive day of your lives. You will want it to be perfect and if your budget allows then your wedding can include all of the bells and whistles but you are slightly more money conscious you may be looking for tips as to how to keep costs down.

Here are some top tips for ways you can keep costs down without compromising your wedding day:

Make your own table decorations

You may be the least creative person in the world (or think you are) but it is incredible what you can find and learn on the internet these days. A huge way to save cash on your wedding can be making your own wedding decorations which can include table decorations, place cards, favours, garlands for the top table and a table plan.

As a guide you could be charged 80 euros for the design and printing of a table plan when you could make this yourself for free using a website such as Canva. You can then print this yourself if you have the facility to do so or pay a local printing service which can be as little as 10 euros.

Press your bouquet before it dies

No doubt you will have a fresh flower bouquet and will have fallen in love with the colours and design the florist has put together. It makes sense therefore that you would want to preserve your flowers for as long as possible.

You will need to press your bouquet whilst it is fresh and before the flowers dry out to preserve the vibrant colours of your bouquet so make sure you do this the day or two after your wedding and keep the flowers in water until you are able to press them. You can press the flowers easily using heavy books and then arrange the flowers in a photo frame ready to display in your home.

Make sure you have enough drinks to go around

Whether it's alcoholic or non-alcoholic make sure you have enough drink to go around. This might seem obvious but you don't want to run out (like we did and had to buy more on the day!) Especially if you are getting married in a hot country your guests need to stay hydrated.

Learn your vows and speeches in advance - don't leave it until the last minute

Nowadays it's difficult to secure a date in your chosen destination less than 2 years in advance meaning you have plenty of time to learn your vows and any speeches you have to make on the wedding day. You will have plenty of other planning and preparations to do on the days leading up to the wedding including spending quality time with family and friends so you won't want to waste this time having to learn lines or having the distraction and worrying you've forgotten what you want to say during the wedding day.

What I'm sad I forgot to do:

  • Toss my bouquet

  • Find out what time the evening of the wedding will end and extend this if need be so the party doesn't come to an abrupt end

  • Have a dance with my dad as part of my first dance

No matter how much you plan a wedding there will always be something you forget and it can be useful to learn from others mistakes when planning your wedding.

I hope you found this useful and have a wonderful wedding day :)


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