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Updated: Apr 23, 2023

If you are organised, have a clear vision and are possibly a bit of a control freak you may be considering planning your wedding abroad yourself so is a wedding planner really worth it?

I planned a wedding in Lake Bled in Slovenia in 2022 and had two years to plan (one year originally but the date was pushed back due to covid restrictions). I am one of those people who thinks I can do it all myself, loves organisation and planning and always like to save the money where I can.

So when I began planning my wedding I contacted suppliers in Lake Bled and started hitting obstacles fairly quickly. There are a number of destinations where you can get married in Lake Bled but trying to find these using the internet is not easy. One thing I did know is I wanted to get married on Bled Island so tried my best to find a contact for the island but failed.

I began to think this wedding planning business wasn't going to be as easy as I had originally thought and when I started considering contacting a wedding planner I weighed up the pros and cons. The only con I could see was the cost but the pros outweighed the costs exponentially.

I contacted a couple of wedding planners and decided to proceed with Primavera Bled. Given the way of the modern world it is likely your wedding planner will offer you a virtual video call so you can get a feel of whether you will work well together. Your wedding day is one, if not the most important day of your life so you want to make sure you gel with your wedding planner and will not clash.

My husband to be and I sat on the video call with our wedding planner and had a list of questions to ask. We knew we wanted to get married on Bled Island but didn't know whether we could have the dinner reception on the island, how many people each Pletna boat would hold, the cost of each location and a million other things. We instantly felt at ease with our wedding planner from Primavera and what swayed me the most to proceed was knowing I would have a stress-free wedding day knowing the planner would be there to facilitate and organise every step and every guest.

You can contact your wedding planner by email and can arrange video calls at your leisure. We also had a trip out to Bled prior to the wedding to meet our wedding planner in person and she took us to visit Bled Island and sample our wedding food. This trip put our minds at ease even more and we knew we were in good hands.

Our wedding planner was supportive during the whole process and she was worth her weight in gold. I could not recommend hiring a wedding planner for your wedding abroad more and making space for your planner in your wedding budget should be your top priority. The planner will allow you to enjoy your day without any stress or having to contact suppliers or deal with issues which may go wrong.


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