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Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Five top tips to remember for your wedding abroad

Hire a wedding planner

This is a must to relieve your stress and allow you to thoroughly enjoy your wedding day. Read more about why a wedding planner is important here.

Remember it may not be the same as back home

Having a wedding abroad may be different to what you are used to back home. Different cultures adopt different traditions so it is important you understand if there are certain key points you must comply with and ensure you feel comfortable incorporating those into your wedding day.

For example in Slovenia if you are married on Bled Island it is tradition and a must to serve Potica cake to your guests. In Germany newly weds test their strength by sawing a wood log in half and doves are released if you are married in the Philippines.

It will be important to find our which traditions are optional and which must be complied with.

You may not have a rehearsal

It is the usual course of action that in the UK the church ceremony is rehearsed and in America there is a rehearsal dinner however if you book your wedding abroad you may not have the opportunity to rehearse before the big day.

This may feel unsettling especially for those who like to have a plan and are self-confessed control freaks. If you decide to have a wedding abroad speak to your wedding planner about a rehearsal and if this is not possible then try to relax on your big day and go with the flow. A wedding day does not need to be planned down to the minute and try to relish in the sense of spontaneity.

How accessible is your destination for your guests?

If you are planning a wedding abroad but wish to have your friends and family with you to celebrate your big day, it is important to check how your guests will be able to travel to your chosen wedding destination.

Can they get a direct flight? Which airlines fly to the location? How will your guests get from the airport? How much will the flights cost?

Having your friends and family at your wedding may be a make or break decision as to whether you have a destination wedding or not so it is important you look at the travel logistics from the outset.

You can't control the weather

You have mostly chosen a destination wedding because you are hoping to have good weather or better weather than back home. You may be fantasising about the sun beaming down and your guests all looking stylish in their shades but the weather is something you cannot control.

Try not to stress. Of course for most sunny and dry weather is preferably on their wedding day but if the weather isn't in your favour this is not the be all and end all. If you have outdoor locations for your ceremony and reception, speak to your wedding planner about indoor alternatives just in case.

Remember your guests are there to celebrate the happy couple and will have an amazing time regardless of the weather and rainy photographs are some of the most romantic around!


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