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Updated: Jun 1

The best things to do in Sagres and the best restaurants


Sagres is one of the most remote regions in Portugal found on the Western tip. It is particularly popular with surfers due to the high winds. Despite the laid-back vibe and feeling as though you have the place to yourselves, this little town comes alive at night with a number of modern, trendy bars and restaurants to enjoy.

What to do in Sagres

The Fortaleza Sagres is found on the Southern tip of the penisular and a walkable distance from the centre of Sagres along a coastal path. The fort was build to protect the town from North African raiders and where Henry the Navigator planned his expeditions to Africa across the seas back in the 15th century. You can visit inside the fort for 3 euros per person and learn more about the history.

You can also walk a little further to reach the (slightly underwhelming) lighthouse of Ponta de Sagres.

You can take surfing lessons from one of the schools in the town or hire a board if you are well au fait with the sport. You can also take a boat ride with a company such as Cape Cruiser along the coast to Sagres, to see Dolphins or to go into the caves which are only accessible by boat.

Less than a 10 minute drive from Sagres you will find the Cabo de São Vicente, also known as the end of the world. This is the most southwesterly point of the Algarve and where you can grab the last Bratwurst before America! It has always been the very last piece of land seen by sailors from the South of Portugal before going into the ocean.

At the end of the world you can see the lighthouse standing on the cliff which you will have been able to see from Fortaleza Sagres. You can also go to the visitors center and Museo dos Faròis maritime museum. The other attraction here is the Fortaleza do Beliche built in the 1600s. You can only visit this from the outside. Take a walk along the cliff tops and take in the vastness of the ocean out in front of you.

Where to eat in Sagres

There are a number of modern and trendy bars and restaurants in Sagres but also some tradition restaurants serving fresh seafood depending on your preferences. Here are a few of our recommendations for your stay:

  • Vila Vehla - traditional Portuguese food, meats and pastas. Not an extensive menu but definitely something to suit all

  • Three Little Birds - a trendy burger restaurant with high quality meats and a bali-esque vibe in the decor

  • A Tasca - a fish restaurant overlooking the coast serving fresh fish dishes

  • Chiringuito Praia de Mareta - a beautiful beach bar overlooking the coast, sitting high for the best views (we didn't try the food here but a great drink spot)

  • Laundry lounge - an actual launderette serving asian-style food. It has a lovely courtyard out of the back to sit in the sunshine and if you're lucky there may be live music playing

  • Arte Bianca - pizzeria serving Italian pizza with delicious toppings

Don't miss Sagres on your trip to the Algarve and if you are considering staying here during the whole of your trip, we recommend staying at Memmo Baleeira


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