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Find out about what the Geneva Choco pass is and whether it is worth purchasing during your trip to Geneva

Chocolates in chocolate shop

What is the Geneva Choco Pass?

The Geneva Tourism board offer a Choco Pass for adults and children which you can purchase and this allows you to visit some of the city's most sought-after chocolatiers. Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, is famous for its chocolate-making which dates back hundreds of years and sampling some of this delicious chocolate during your trip to Geneva is a must.

What is included with the Choco Pass?

The Choco Pass gives you the freedom to build your own chocolate tour at your leisure and visit the participating chocolatiers in whichever order and whichever pace suits you. This is the perfect way to not only sample the high quality chocolate on offer but also take a tour of Geneva city at the same time. The tour must be completed within 24 hours of purchase of your ticket. The chocolatiers offer a slightly different selection for children to adults.

Participating chocolatiers include: La Bonbonnière, Du Rhône Chocolatier, Sweetzerland and Chocolaterie Zeller and at each chocolaterie you will be offered different chocolate samples from hot chocolate and 4 chocolates of your choice to choosing your own bag of 5 chocolates and truffles. Believe us, you will have a mountain of chocolate to take home which you can enjoy for months to come or to give as gifts.

How much is the Choco Pass?

The Choco Pass costs 30CHF for adults and only 6CHF for children which is such great value for the amount of chocolate you will receive. 0.8CHF of each sale goes to Cause We Care which is an initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland.

Is it worth it?

Definitely! The Choco Pass offers a unique experience where you can sample the most delicious chocolates Geneva has to offer and this is the perfect activity for solo travellers, couples, friends and families to enjoy. You could spend the full day in Geneva exploring the city and sampling delicious chocolate along the way.

Here is the link to purchase your Choco Pass for your trip to Geneva.


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