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Start and end dates for European Christmas markets 2023

Christmas tree with gold baubles

Christmas markets have increased in size and popularity considerably over the past few years enticing tourists from all over the world. With the festive drinks on offer such as mulled wine and eggnog, perfectly adorned Christmas trees and sparkling lights; there is nothing quite like a Christmas market to get you into the festive spirit

Helsinki, Finland

1st December - 22nd December

Helsinki Christmas market itinerary

Helsinki Christmas market blog

Tallinn, Estonia

1st December - 7th January

Tallinn Christmas market itinerary

Tallinn Christmas market blog

Geneva, Switzerland

16th November - 24th December

Riga, Latvia

3rd December - 7th January

Brussels, Belgium

24th November - 31st December

Bruges, Belgium

24th November - 7th January

Cologne, Germany

23rd November - 7th January

Prague, Czechia

2nd December - 6th January

Strasbourg, France

24th November-24th December

Budapest, Hungary

17th November - 31st December

Zagreb, Croatia

2nd December - 7th January


24th November - 31st December


1st December - 8th January

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