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Updated: Apr 23, 2023

A one day road trip to experience the must-sees and natural beauty Slovenia has to offer


White water rafting

Book your rafting with 3glav Adventures. The start point is at the Soca River and you will be provided with wet suits. You will jump onto a mini bus and taken to the start of the rafting. There will be a number of other groups taking part at the same time making it all the more fun having people to knock into and bounce off on the cruise down the river. You will have a safety briefing and can take a go pro to get some shots and videos just of course remember the waterproof cover!

The time of year and the weather will determine how tame or exhilarating the rafting will be. Whatever the weather there will still be enough moments of adrenaline to give you the thrill you were hoping for. There will also be plenty of time for relaxation to allow you to take in the incredible views of the Soca River. You will bounce off rocks and drift in a wave-like motion down the river. You will also have the opportunity to jump out of the raft (into the freezing cold water), climb up huge rocks and jump off into the deep sections of the river. This is sure to got your heart racing.

Kamp Lazar

After working up an appetite from your rafting adrenaline buzz, you'll be ready for lunch. Kamp Lazar is close to Kobarid which is a town described as “a little white town with a companile (bell tower) in a valley”. There is an outdoor seating area by the riverside and the layout of the picnic style benches. The restaurant has a variety of food on offer for example, salads, crepes and cheese platters. The interior of the restaurant is equally, if not more beautiful and is designed liked a little mountain hut you’d find at the top of a ski slope. The food will hit the spot and set you up for the rest of your busy day exploring.

Slap Kozjak

Stop number 3 is Slap Kozjak (Kozjak waterfall). The waterfall is 15m high and this is one of 6 waterfalls flowing from the Kozjak stream. It’s hidden in a cave like area and has similarities to the Vintgar Gorge. The walk to the waterfall is much darker, wetter and slippier than the gorge but still picturesque. It’s difficult to get good photos here due to the lighting and the photo sweet spot is packed with tourists trying to capture the same thing so I say forget about the camera on this occasion and just enjoy the waterfall firsthand. It is an extremely unique attraction. There is a perfectly placed beam of light that shines down on the waterfall which flows into emerald green waters. It is beautiful.

Slap Boka

Stop number 4 is another waterfall and this time the highest waterfall in Slovenia, Boka. Park up and there is a 15/20 minute walk to the viewing platform. The walk is pleasant and not too tasking even in the blazing hot sun. The viewing platform means you are much further away from the waterfall than when viewing Kozjak. However, the distance allows you to appreciate the full height and length of the waterfall. It runs between a valley of cascading mountains on either side and lushes greenery. Another great attraction but if I had to choose one waterfall it would be Kozjak as this was a lot more unique.


Stop 5 was the town of Bovec. This is the Soca Valley’s de facto capital and a lot of the town was destroyed during World War 1 which had to be reconstructed. The town is quaint and a nice way to split up the day finding some civilisation amongst all that nature. You will find market stalls selling local souvenirs and ice cream parlours offering a refreshing scoop before moving on.

Vrsic Pass

Stop 6, well activity 6 should I say, was the Vrsic Pass. The Vrsic pass is an alpine road connecting Bovec to Slovenia’s most well known ski resort Kranjska Gora. There are 50 hairpin turns and it becomes quite fun counting them all the way to the top. There are some stop off points on the way up to break up the journey.

Ajdovska Deklica

At hairpin 16 you will find a face of a Pagan girl which can be seen from the roadside and she looks as though she has been carved into the mountain. The legend says that the Pagan girl is the image of a petrified giantess. It was said she would help mountaineers transport goods through blizzards and bad weather and she was also a fate deity and could foretell the destiny of a newborn baby. The girl told a newborn baby that he would become a brave hunter, shoot a white chamois with golden horns, sell the horns and become rich. When the other fates heard of this prophesy they cursed the girl and turned her to stone. Her face is clear and in a lighter stone to the surrounding area so you should catch a glimpse from the roadside.

Russian Chapel

Stop 8 is the Russian Chapel. This was erected where more than 300 Russian prisoners of war were buried in an avalanche in March 2016. You will find the church on the left hand side if you are coming from Bovec or the right hand side if you are coming down from Kranjska Gora. You can also see a Russian cross between the 2nd and 3rd bend of the pass built in memory of the Austrian officers who lost their lives in the avalanche. The chapel is definitely worth a quick stop off if you’re making your way along the Vrsic Pass. The building looks as though it is made of brass and it is deceivingly small in depth. Grab a quick photo and continue on.

Lake Jasna

Stop 9 is Lake Jasna. This lake is a small, blue glacial lake with white sand. It is stunning and the surrounding mountains create the perfect backdrop. Here you will find the statue of a goat, Zlatorog. The legend is that he lived in a garden high in the mountains where he guarded an enormous hidden treasure. A hunter shot Zlatorog and tried to steal the treasure. What the hunter didn’t know was that the goat had a mysterious power of a flower which grew out of his blood and restored him. Zlatorog was so angry at being shot he first killed the hunter and then destroyed his own mountain paradise. He disappeared and the treasure remains hidden somewhere in the Julian Alps.

Kranjska Gora

Your final stop is Kranjska Gora. Despite being Slovenia’s largest ski resort, the ski area is fairly small and mostly suitable for beginner-intermediate level skiers as well as families. Make a quick stop at the Zelenci Nature Reserve but there isn’t a whole lot to see here so if you run out of time, don't worry.

This is a great way to experience some Slovenia highlights all in one day but you definitely need a car. The public transport system in Slovenia will not allow you to see all of the sights above in one day. You can rent a car from Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana which is only a 25-30 minute drive to Lake Bled.


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