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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Alpacas and Llamas, Pisco sours, Machu Picchu and rainbow coloured mountains - what more could you want? A 16 day itinerary to allow you to experience the very best Peru has to offer

Things to do in advance 

  1. Book flights from UK to Lima (adds 2 days onto itinerary) 

  2. Book Peru Hop in advance online 

  3. Book the Inca Trail well in advance (6-9 months before)

  4. Book your accommodation for peace of mind however there are always spaces in hostels along the way 

  5. Book internal flights, particularly Arequipa to Cusco as there are less flights (use Peruvian for cheaper flights and a checked bag included)


Miraflores, Lima

Day 1

  • 9am - Cafe de La Paz for Huevos Benedictos 

  • 10am-1:30pm - Free walking tour 

  • 1:30pm-2:30pm - Lunch in Downtown Lima or La Lucha Sangucheria in Miraflores

  • 2:30pm - 3:30pm - catch the bus back to Miraflores/ enjoy a stroll to Parque Kennedy or Miraflores Central Park 

  • 3:30pm - 5pm - Huaca Pucllana 

  • 5pm-6:30pm - Relax

  • 6:30pm onwards - Explore the Larcomar shopping centre and enjoy dinner at Mangos 

Lima to Huacachina 

Day 2

  • 5:45am - Depart Lima with Peru Hop 

  • 10am-1pm- Ballestas Islands Tour (organised by Peru Hop on the day) and explore Paracas 

  • 2:15pm - 3pm - Arrive at Huacachina and check into your accommodation 

  • 3pm-4pm - Explore Huacachina 

  • 4pm-5:30pm - Sand buggy experience/ Sand boarding/ walk to top of dunes to enjoy the sunset 

  • 5:30pm-6:30pm - Relax 

  • 6:30pm-7:30pm - Happy hour cocktails at Desert Nights Bar on the terrace

  • 7:30pm - 9pm - Dinner at the Wild Olive 

  • 9pm onwards - Dance and drink the night away at the Wild Rover Hostel 

Huacachina to Arequipa 

Day 3

  • 10am-11am - Breakfast at Banana’s Adventure 

  • 11am-1pm - Explore Huacachina/ walk to top of dunes/sand boarding 

  • 1pm - Depart Huacachina 

  • 2:30pm - El Catador wine tour and tasting 

  • 4pm - Nazca Lines viewpoint 

  • 6:30pm - 7pm - Dinner in Nazca

  • 7pm/7:30pm - Depart Nazca for overnight bus journey 


Day 4

  • 5:30am -Arrive in Arequipa 

  • 5:30am-9am - Get some rest 

  • 9am-1pm - Free walking tour 

  • 1pm-2:30pm - Lunch at Las Gringas 

  • 2:30pm-3:30pm - Alpaca wool shopping 

  • 3:30pm-4:30pm - Walk to Puenta Bolognesi Bridge for volcano views 

  • 4:30pm-6pm - Explore Plaza de Armes and visit Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa

  • 6pm-7:30pm - Happy hour at Casa Andina on the terrace

  • 7:30pm-8:30pm - Relax

  • 8:30pm onwards - Dinner at Zigzag 

Day 5

  • 9am - Coffee/breakfast at Coffee Roaster - Kaffeehaus 

  • 10am-11:30am - Mundo Alpaca

  • 12pm-1pm - Lunch at Hatunpa 

  • 1pm-3pm - Walk to and explore Yanahura

  • 3pm-5pm - Santa Catalina Monastery 

  • 5pm-6:30pm - Relax 

  • 6:30pm-7:30pm - Happy hour at Puku Puku on the terrace 

  • 7:30pm onwards - Dinner at Kao 

Day 6

  • 9:30am - Coffee/breakfast at Chaqchao 

  • 11am-1:30pm - Peruvian Cooking Experience 

  • 1:30pm-3:30pm - Alpaca wool shopping in the market 

  • 3:30pm-6pm - Taxi ride to visit Sachaca Tower (7-10 euros from centre)

  • 6pm-7:30pm - Drinks at Katari rooftop terrace 

  • 7:30pm onwards - Dinner at Chicha 


Day 7

  • 6:30am-10am - Fly to Cusco 

  • 10am-11am - Breakfast at La Rabona 

  • 11am-1pm - Check in to hotel/apartment and unpack 

  • 1pm-3:30pm - Free walking tour 

  • 3:30pm-5:30pm - Visit Cristo Blanco/Sacsayhuaman 

  • 5:30pm-7pm - Explore San Blas area, book up excursions 

  • 7pm onwards - Dinner at Hanz Craft Beer

Day 8 

  • 2:45am-2/3pm - Rainbow Mountain excursion (opt for Pisac instead if you don’t want to hike - sights include Incan ruins, accessible by bus and excursion with local travel companies) 

  • 3pm-5pm - Relax 

  • 5pm-7pm - Explore Plaza de Armas 

  • 7pm-9pm - Dinner at Pachapapa 

  • 9pm - Drinks at Republica Del Pisco (if you can stay awake) 

Day 9 

  • 9am-10am - Breakfast in hotel/apartment or Greens Organic 

  • 10am-12pm - Explore San Pedro Market 

  • 12pm-2pm - Lunch at Monkey Cafe 

  • 2pm-5pm - Visit the Machu Picchu museum/planetarium, enjoy a beer in Parque de San Francisco

  • 5pm-6pm - Relax

  • 6pm- 7:30pm - Drinks at Nuevo Mundo 

  • 7:30pm onwards - Dinner at La Bodega

Day 10 - Day 13 - Inca Trail 


Day 14

  • 10am-11:30am - Breakfast at JC’s Cafe 

  • 11:30am-1pm - Visit Koricancha and enjoy an ice cream in the gardens 

  • 1pm-3pm - Shop for souvenirs 

  • 3pm-5pm - Have a picnic in Parque de San Francisco 

  • 5pm/6pm - Relax 

  • 6pm-7:30pm - Limbus rooftop cafe for drinks 

  • 7:30pm - Dinner at Cicciolina 

Day 15

  • 10am-11:30am - Breakfast at Qura bowl bar

  • 11:30am-1pm - Enjoy the sun before heading back to Lima 

  • 1pm-5pm - Uber to airport and fly to Lima 

  • 5pm-6pm - Check in

  • 6pm-7pm - Explore Barranco at night 

  • 7pm-9pm - Dinner at LA73 

  • 9pm onwards - Drinks at Ayuhascha 

Day 16

  • 10am-11:30am - Breakfast at La Bodega Verde 

  • 11:30am-12:30pm - Visit the Bridge of Sighs 

  • 12:30pm-4pm - Explore Barranco by day, look out for the colourful houses, visit the Frederick Villarreal Park, the Municpal de Barranco Park and take the Bajada de los Banos - walk to the Pacific Ocean

  • 4pm-5pm - Drinks and Burgers/Sandwiches at the Barranco Beer Company 

  • 5pm - Check out and grab an Uber to the airport to head home


Optional Extras in place of the Inca Trail

Colca Canyon The second deepest canyon in the world and the best place in all of South America to see the Andean Condor. The canyon creates a crescent shape between the El Misti and the Chacani Volcanoes. It is said to be between 3,300 and 3,400m deep and at the midpoint of the valley the town of Chivay sits at 3,500m high. Acclimatisation is advised and the organised treks will allow you to ease in gently working up from Arequipa’s 2,335m elevation.   The treks vary but the most popular are the 1, 2 or 3 day treks:  1 Day Trek 

  • Departs Arequipa at 3:30am and returns at 5:30pm 

  • 7 hour of bus travel in total 

  • Sightseeing but no time for hiking 

2 Day Trek - No Hiking 

  • A more leisurely trip for those with more time to spare 

  • Departs Arequipa at 8am and returns 5pm the following day 

  • Sights include Aguada Blanca Nature Reserve, Chivay and Condor’s Cross 

  • Includes 1 night stay in a basic hotel 

2 Day Trek - Hiking 

  • A jam packed 2 days full of tough hiking and sightseeing 

  • Departs Arequipa at 3:30am and returns 5pm the following day 

  • Day 1 - around 5-6 hours of difficult hiking 

  • Day 2 - 5am start and another 5-6 hours of difficult hiking 

  • Includes 1 night stay in bungalows near the oasis 

  • Nature reserves, Condor sighting and Archeological ruins along the way 

3 Day Trek 

  • A more leisurely trip spending longer in the canyon and includes hiking 

  • Departs Arequipa at 3am and returns 5pm 2 days later 

  • Day 1 - Condor’s Cross and 3 ½ hours hiking 

  • Day 2 - Gentle hike to points of interest including a descend to the deepest part of the trek

  • Day 3 - 3 hour uphill hike to Chivay, lunch stop and back to Arequipa

  • Includes two nights accommodations in rustic huts 

For prices and more information visit: Chacani Volcano  The highest stratovolcano in Southern Peru at a whopping 6,075m above sea level. This is one for those who wish to accomplish something unique and visit somewhere off the beaten track. Acclimatisation is a must and this can be difficult starting from Arequipa which sits must lower than base of Chacani at 5,100m.  There are 1 or 2 days treks available and they are not for the faint hearted:  1 Day Trek 

  • Depart Arequipa at midnight for a 3 hour drive to base 

  • The hike begins at 3am and you will reach the summit around 9:30am/10am. This is uphill and tough and the little oxygen near the top makes it all the more difficult 

  • The descent is around 2 ½ hours

  • Return back to Arequipa around 3pm 

​​ 2 Day Trek 

  • Depart Arequipa at 9am

  • Day 1 includes a visit to a nature reserve and a 2 hour hike to arrive at base camp at 5,200m to get acclimitised 

  • Day 2 begins between 2-4am for 4-6 hour uphill climb to the summit and 30 minutes to enjoy the view. There is a 2 hour descend before returning to Arequipa at around 3pm 

For prices and more information visit:

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