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Juliet's balcony, arena, shopping and much more

Verona canal

Verona is a beautiful city in the Veneto region of Italy and in close proximity to the Valpolicella wine region and Lake Garda. You can easily access this city from both destinations by car or public transport. Buses are available for Lake Garda towns for as little as 4 euros

Best things to do in Verona

  • Arena

The staple of Verona. The Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra in Verona was built in 30AD. You can visit the arena and marvel at the Roman architecture or even enjoy an opera performance here

  • Piazza Bra

The main square in Verona where you can find markets here everyday selling local produce and have a great view of the impressive clock tower - Torre dei Lamberti

  • Torre dei Lamberti

Climb the stairs to the top of Torre dei Lamberti for 6 euros for stunning views of Piazza Bra and the whole city of Verona

  • Casa di Guiletta

The most popular and therefore the busiest area of Verona. Here you will find Juliet's balcony from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the statue of Juliet. Giving her arm and breast a rub is said to bring you good luck! On the way in or out you can add your pad lock to the wall with yours and you love's initials on it. You can also enter the Catullo house for 11.60 euros per person. It is free to see the balcony and statue.

Top tip - visit the balcony early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the crowds. There is an embroidery shop next door to the entrance where you can a free personalised bookmark. Head through the shop and out of the back entrance for views of the balcony and statue.

  • Ponte di Castelvecchio (Ponte Scaligero) bridge

Head left out of the entrance to Juliet's balcony and continue down until you reach the canal and the Ponte Scaligero bridge

  • Piazzale Castel San Pietro

Medieval fortress with beautiful views overlooking the city. Best of all it is free to visit

  • Arco dei Gavi

Triumphal arch made of white stone built in the first century A.D similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris


  • Osteria Ai Osei - Northern Italian - closes between 2:30pm-7:30pm

  • Symposio - Italian - closes between 3pm-6pm

  • Burgerino - burger - closes between 3pm-6pm


Free Parking:

  • Porta Palio car park;

  • Piazzale Guardini;

  • Piazzale Olimpia.

Paid Parking:

  • Cittadella car park – in Piazza Cittadella (750 spaces);

  • Parking Arena – Via M. Bentegodi 8 (870 spaces);

  • Parking Italia – Corso Porta Nuova 91;

  • Garage Paradiso – Via Paradiso 13/a;

  • Court Parking – Via dello Zappatore (340 spaces) (outside)


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